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Hey there :)
Hey sup guys and it's nice to be in COG
and if you guys want to here it from my mouth [link]
and if any of you want to keep in touch i hope to god you do i have never changed my gamertag and never will i love you all just send me a message anytime i would love to catch up with anyone this is manika signing off and goodbye
i have lived and breathed this communitty the entire time and there are so many people i have seen come and go i found someone to be with for the rest of my life through this community and without this community i probably would have killed myself
hey guys its whitemanika it pains me to say this but im am leaving cog i have been a proud member of this community for almost 4 years i would like to tank each and everyone of you for everything you have done for me in those 4 years
What's up peeps
If anyone has any long messages, the forums is always the way to go
Wait...... Nevermind
I was wondering if I could switch from one of the halo5 teams to a Call of Duty black ops 3 team would that be possible?
You do not have access to shout