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Wait...... Nevermind
I was wondering if I could switch from one of the halo5 teams to a Call of Duty black ops 3 team would that be possible?
Wax is thee new in. Happy 4:20
Grand finals day, make sure to tune in from your xbox to get the HWC skinned Protector armor and emblem
is anyone on right now. ?
My gamertag is JETSFANSWS and I love playing Battlefront especially HvV
aPWarrior FLYS is my gamertag for anyone that wants to run some games. Hope to catch some of you around!
Sections of the website need to be updated. GT is COG Mickitis if anyone has questions
checkout the halo 5 leader boards here [link] to find players your skill level to play with
I have Halo 5 now so when you guys see me online hit me up for some matchmaking
You do not have access to shout