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i refuse to have kik, secondly there are more people then just the gen tag, the whole basis of a comunity is getting to know everyone, while trying to have fun with everyone, if i just stay in the boundries of just the gen tag, thats not possible
Your best bet is to message your friends on the Gen Tag to see who wants to play GTAV, or ask on your squads kik chat who wants to play GTAV
Like who even checks the website... right? you ask if anyone wants to play and then nothing.... LAME add my alt account to play some gtav if you want its Lupus snow
Sup I'm XGU Braveheart
gtav anyone?
im here
@lemonbobcat8364 send a message to your higher ups about that invite
hi everyone can someone give my an envite to xbox 1 halo 4?
Hello everyone
hi it is GODLOKI2002
You do not have access to shout